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Platinum Member FAQs

Platinum Member FAQs

I do not want to opt-in to the ‘Platinum Membership’ category. How do I opt-out?

We will be in touch in due course when we have clarity on the final schedule (before August 1) to let you know how you go about letting the Club know you do not want to become a ‘Platinum Member’. Any Member can contact us beforehand on any matter by emailing tickets@lancashirecricket.co.uk, however no decision will be made upon potential refunds until the final schedule is published, and due to the number of staff on furlough we may not be able to acknowledge receipt in a timely manner.

What if I don’t want to donate all of my Membership fee this year, can I opt to pay a proportion of it and still get some of the extra benefits?

The Club would ask that if you are in a financial position to do so that you donate the whole Membership fee. However, we understand that if you are not in a position to donate 100% that you may want donate part of your 2020 subscription. Once the final schedule has been confirmed and we fully understand the impact on Members during 2020, then we will actively explore options for a partial donation.

Will I definitely get a full refund if there is no watchable cricket this year even though I have to wait until October?

Once we have clarity on what the full schedule of cricket will be, we will consider the impact on your Membership and refund accordingly.

When do I get the benefits the Club have outlined as part of the ‘Platinum Member’ category?

Most of the benefits will be available during 2021. The priority window for international cricket will be available this year when we have a confirmed 2021 schedule. We will contact all Members with details on when and how these benefits will be activated later this year.

If I become a ‘Platinum Member’ where does the money go?

Your donation will stay within the Club and will go towards all staff salaries including players so that we can continue to play cricket and deliver a world-class experience for supporters of the Red Rose. The funds will also cover the operating costs of Emirates Old Trafford, so that we can continue to focus on the cricket once the game resumes.

What if I can’t afford to become a ‘Platinum Member’ as money is tight? Will I be treated any differently because I couldn’t afford to enter the ‘Platinum Member’ category?

Absolutely not. You are valuable to the Club and we understand that needs must in these circumstances. The only difference will be those that have opted-in will receive the extra benefits as outlined in the letter.

The letter I have just received outlines how successful 2019 was in terms of revenue to the Club. Why then are you asking for Members to support by becoming a ‘Platinum Member’.

As outlined in the letter we could not have legislated for such a catastrophic incident such as COVID-19 and whilst revenue from 2019 has helped us to navigate to where we are now, we have absolutely no new business on our books currently and no tickets sales revenue. At the same time we are still incurring considerable fixed costs as well as debt repayments following developments to the stadium, so Members leaving their 2020 subscriptions in the Club will support our cashflow through this difficult period.

I haven’t currently purchased my Membership for 2020, what Membership is eligible for the Platinum Membership?

All adult 2020 Memberships are eligible to opt into the Platinum Membership and any support given to Lancashire Cricket is very much appreciated during this difficult time. If you are thinking of purchasing a 2020 membership to become part of the Platinum Membership scheme this is very much appreciated by the Club and we would ask that you please do this as soon as possible. You can do this here.

I have purchased a Junior Membership, can they enrol in Platinum Membership and access benefits?

Junior Members who wish to donate their Membership fee to Lancashire Cricket will be entered into a prize draw, for a chance to go behind-closed-doors for a day at Emirates Old Trafford and experience a ‘day in the life’ of a professional cricketer – including exclusive access to the Players and Media Centre.

I expect my Membership to be divided across all cricket available and when I know how much I have lost, I will expect an exact mathematical refund based on total days lost.

Membership is not a season ticket and its value cannot be calculated on a per-match basis. Membership in its true sense is ownership of the Club. In addition to this, there are a number of benefits within a Membership that are not specifically match related. All of these things need to be taken into account when assessing the true impact on Membership refunds for 2020.

The Roses refund process last year was poorly communicated by the Club. What confidence can you provide that Members will not suffer in the same way again this year?

The Club definitely made some mistakes over its handling of the 2019 Roses match refund process and we regret that. What we have learned from your feedback is that we need to communicate better. The potential for any possible Membership refund is more complex than a straight ticket refund for a single match and this will take time to assess the full impact on Members in 2020.

Why are any refunds not being paid prior to October? What if I want that money sooner?

There are two answers to this question. Firstly, we have not yet had the opportunity to fully assess the season in detail as we do not have a final schedule yet and as a result, refunds/part refunds at this time would not be appropriate. Secondly, at this time the peak point in managing the Club’s cashflow is between July and September, hence why any refunds would not be able to be paid until October to enable us to prioritise all staff salaries during this difficult period for them and their families.

If I sign up to become a Platinum Member does 25% discount apply on all Membership?

You will be able to purchase any Membership (subject to availability) and apply for 25%

If I sign up for Platinum Membership and games take place later in year will I be able to attend these game provided supports are allowed to attend?

Yes you will remain a 2020 Member and have access to games provided they are not behind closed doors

In addition, will all 2020 Members benefits be included for remainder of season including guest tickets?

Membership benefits will be assessed once we have further details in regards to crickets schedule.

I have a parking pass for this season, will it be transferred to 2021 or refunded?

Once we have clarity on what the full schedule of cricket will be, we will also consider the impact on your parking pass and refund accordingly.

I’m a life Member, what benefits do I get as a Platinum Member?

Any Life Members who have upgraded their Membership to 1864 or Lancaster will have opportunity to sign up for the Platinum Membership, in addition any Life Member who may want to donate to support club will receive details in due course as we are also exploring option for members who wish to make a partial donation.

I do not attend T20 although it is part of my Membership, as far as I can see there will only be T20 this year and no 50 over or County Championship played at all. In which case, I want a refund now.

There has been no confirmation from the ECB as to what cricket will be and will not be played and so we cannot make any assumptions at this stage.

I want to opt out and use the money that I paid for my 2020 Membership to pay for my 2021 Membership in August, do I still have to wait until October for my 2020 refund?

When you contact us to let us know you’d like to opt out, you will have an option to have your 2020 refund value credited to your ticket account so that you can use this to pay for your 2021 Membership

I have purchased tickets to an international match at Emirates Old Trafford this summer. When can I expect my ticket refund?

Similar to the questions above, we have not yet had the opportunity to fully assess the international matches in detail as we do not have a final schedule confirmed by the ECB. Once we have had further detail on the 2020 season and how this impacts our international ticket buyers, we will be in touch with further details.

I have a question which isn’t outlined in this document, where can I find out more information?

If you cannot find an answer to a question you are looking for, please contact tickets@lancashirecricket.co.uk and a member of the team will answer your query as soon as possible.

Please note that due to our limited staff currently working, there may be a delay in responding the member enquiries at this time.

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