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Giles looks forward

Giles looks forward

Rain brought an early end to Lancashire’s disappointing one-day season on Monday night and afterwards Cricket Director and Head Coach Ashley Giles reflected on that and looked forward to the remaining four-day games and the future.

“We’ve had chance to reflect as a management team on a disappointing campaign in white ball cricket,” he said. “Realistically we’ve not played that well in both one-day competitions over the last two seasons.

“There’s only been a one-win difference in going through in the T20. It was only in the end stage of that competition (last year) that we really played consistent and good cricket. So it’s still something we’ve got to put right.

“There’s frustration in finishing bottom of the group in the Royal London Cup. It’s not good enough, and it’s disappointing but all we can do is try and put that right in the future.

“We want to understand why we aren’t playing good white ball cricket, why aren’t we more consistent. We’re all disappointed about how our white ball stuff has gone, and probably more frustrated with the T20 because we came so close (to qualifying) after, at times, playing such average cricket.

“It’s frustrating for all of us, but then we have to reflect also that we can build on what we’ve got.

“We are going to be in the market to recruit. We have to see, down the line, whether that is domestic or overseas. There’s a lot of moving parts at this time of the year so we will have to see how it comes out in the wash. I can talk about it a bit more at that point.

“That’s long-term (planning). If we are talking about bringing in an overseas player right now, I’m not sure about that. We should always have an eye out looking but it has to be right. We don’t want to be forced into a position where it’s a quick fix and it’s the wrong decision for them and for us.

“We will always be interested in bringing in good people and good cricketers. We’ve got to be. There are some out there, and we will be in the market for some of them, but we need to make sure we are bringing in the right people to add to what we’ve got.

“We’ve now got six massive games in the Championship to focus on, starting with Hampshire.

“It’s a big game and if we can win it creates a massive gap between us, but I’m keen we continue to look above rather than behind. It’s a tight division and so winning it (this game) is important for us.

 “Our red ball cricket has had the highlights (this season) and we can finish well. The next three games are going to be crucial. After those games we need to be in a position where we can win it rather than thinking about staying up.

“There have been a lot of bright spots in the Championship and the emergence of some of our young players has the major plus (this season). If we secure division one status and if we can finish really strong those young guys will be in a really good spot next year.

“Ideally, and I’ve spoken about winning now being important, we still need to be thinking about what this team looks like in two years’ time. If we develop well, we should be a really strong team.

“I think we need to continually add. Some of our guys will be disappointed with how they’ve gone this year, particularly in white ball cricket, so we need to keep trying to make them better and, at times, bring in the right people.

“The Chairman and the Board have been very supportive. We need to make sure we continue to invest in cricket and compete with our rivals which I’m sure we will do.

“It has to be a balancing act though, and I have to keep an eye on it. While I’m worrying about this long term strategy and plan there’s always this smaller wheel spinning which demands winning tomorrow.

“We know what our jobs are, and we try and do them as well as we can to make sure that Lancashire is a club that is successful over a longer period.

“We’ve only won one one-day competition in sixteen years and one Championship in 77 years. So we are working towards a place where we are going to be much stronger.”

brian burns

Cheers-Not the best of days at bottom of the league hey.

David Barlow

Brian, as ever you make some very good and valid points about the lack of strategic thinking coming from coach and captain. The point about Edwards is very well made. I'm in Southampton for tomorrow's game.....

brian burns

These plans should've been put in place last season when we won the 20/20 and got promoted. Forward planning is part of a very good management structure. Who did we actually bring in who made the squad better? Who made the decisions not to invest in A players around the world? You see the likes of Finch playing for Surrey along with other top players at other Counties. Why not ours? If its a financial thing, then say so and don't hide the truth. Why was Edwards bowling in our most crucial games in the latter part of the white ball season, if just 7 days later, he's released from the club.?
The whole scenario smells of something more sinister going on and hopefully it will come out in the wash. Fair play to Mr Giles for coming out with a comment, but what about the man who made the farcical decisions on the pitch with team selections, batting positions, who bowls when etc. Over to you Mr Croft

Barry Turner-Newall

How about talking about who else is on the production line after the successes of three you
young guns this year. For instance, are Lamb and Jones going to be given a run out before the end of the season?

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