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Giles on Lancashire departures & player signings

Giles on Lancashire departures & player signings

Ashley Giles has spoken about the decision to release George Edwards, Luis Reece and Gavin Griffiths and the likelihood of player signings moving forward for the Club.

On Monday morning it was announced that the three Lancashire players would not be having their contracts extended and it wasn't a decision taken lightly.

Giles said, "They're always the hardest decisions but they are not decisions taken lightly. It is something we discuss for a long time but if we feel those players aren't really in our plans going forward, then it would be wrong to keep them at the Club.

"That's part of my job and it's a decision not just taken by me, but something that I speak to my coaching team about.

"It's hard for those guys and we wish them all the best. It's certainly not something I enjoy and these three guys have been apart of Lancashire's history. Edwards and Griffiths played at Finals Day last year", Giles added.

Last month, fast bowler Gavin Griffiths moved to Hampshire on loan and Giles hopes there will be an opportunity for the three players at other counties.

"Griffiths is now playing at Hampshire so hopefully there will be further opportunities either there or somewhere else. 

"It's the same the Edwards and Reece. They're all young guys and we hope they all find new counties and have a successful career in the game.

Asked whether Lancashire will recruit, particularly batsmen, Giles indicated that the Red Rose will be looking to make additions to the squad in the future.

"We're going to be in the market to recruit. We'll have to see down the line, if that is domestic or overseas.

"There's a lot of moving parts at this time of the year but I'm not willing to talk about who we'll be in for or not, as I think that should be confidential.

"We're always interested in bringing good people and good cricketers into this Club. We've got to be but they've got to be the right player and character to add to what we've got.

Barry Turner-Newall

It would be nice if the club actually made a formal announcement rather than leaking it through the media or the players themselves on Twitter. Don't think Reece has had many opportunities since punching the wall incident. But good luck to all.

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