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Giles pleased with young team's determined performance against Somerset

Giles pleased with young team's determined performance against Somerset

Ashley Giles was pleased with his young side’s determination to match Somerset after conceding a big total when he spoke following the lunchtime abandonment of the Specsavers County Championship match at Emirates Old Trafford today due to rain.

Both Lancashire and Somerset take 10 points from the draw.

“Once they had got 550 on the board it didn’t look like a good toss to win and stick them in,” he said.

 “But I thought we played very well to get past the follow-on and we did that pretty comfortably with no shortage of high skill. I thought Alviro (Petersen) played fantastically, and he was well supported all the way down the order. We know we have to play in partnerships with the bat and the ball. You can’t leave it to one man.

“It is a relatively inexperienced batting line up. We had a 19 year-old, a 20 year-old and a 22 year-old as our top three. Some would see that as risky, and it is to some degree, but it bodes well for the future.”

“I thought Livi (Liam Livingstone) played well, and the two openers did a great job to get us off without too many concerns or worries

“It was great for the captain to get some more runs under his belt. He takes on a lot of work; with the gloves, the captaincy, and his batting but he seems to warm to it rather than run away from it. He likes that sort of pressure.

“We know there areas still to improve in but as I just said to the team this is a very strong division.

“We’ve not been made to look silly by anyone. You lose games yes, but we’ve not been absolutely trounced and we have beaten other sides. It’s very competitive and we’ve seen that the whole season.”

Giles also explained the thinking behind the decision to put Somerset in to bat.

“We thought it would flatten out, that’s why we decided to bowl first,” he said. That first morning it was overcast, there was enough there (in the pitch) as in other games this season where we’ve had teams five or six wickets down at lunch. So we thought our best opportunity to get wickets was then. It didn’t work out, and you have to take that on the chin.

“It was a good pitch and we will have to look at that again going forward.

“We have a week off now and there’s cricket to be played elsewhere. We’ll have a look at what happens because a good pitch is what we may need next week.

“Our eyes have got to be firmly on staying up. Of course we want to finish as high as we can. Priority number one is to make sure we maintain our division one status and that will be the first time in three attempts. That’s a good goal to go for right now.

“We’ve got to play two of the best sides in the country so they are going to be tough matches. “

Giles was full of praise for Rob Jones after the way the young batsman reacted to being a makeshift opener in just his second game.

“His temperament is really good,” said Giles. “He just gets stuck in. He’s a Mr. Cricket-type character. He loves being out there and wanders around all day in his Lancashire cap which is great to see. That’s what you want in your squad.

“I thought he handled himself very well. Luke Procter was ill so I asked Jonesy (if he would open the batting) and he just smiled straight away and was completely up for the challenge. So good on him, it was so nice to see.

“That’s not necessarily going to be our opening partnership but to have a 19 year-old and 20 year-old opening the batting for Lancashire is great.

Giles also provided an update on player injuries saying: “I think it’s unlikely that Tom Smith will be available for the Middlesex game. He’s got a sore back so we will monitor his situation.

“Alex Davies won’t play again this season, so Crofty is likely to continue as wicketkeeper.

“We’ve got (second team wicketkeeper) Brooke Guest registered, but Jos (Buttler) might come back. He picked up an injury this week so we will have to check on him. From my understanding it wasn’t too serious so we will be pushing for him to play first but if not it will be Crofty.

Ken Grime
Photo (c) Simon Pendrigh


This is not the premier league - Duckett and Vince are not available. Players only become available when their contracts come to an end, and then if they want to move. It is not like football.

It is likely that Duckett will be an England fixture going forward, and so will not be available for most of the season in the future.The shortcomings in Vince's technique were laid to bare this season. Ashley Giles is doing a good job in my opinion - the fruits of this season will be borne out in the next few seasons after giving so many youngsters valuable first team experience.

Bob Green

I wonder how much the relative poor form of Croft has been due to him being saddled with wicket keeping duties as well as captaincy ? Smith was supposed first choice as captain perhaps it should be his time next season provided his fitness can be relied upon. I definitely think we need to reinforce the batting next year particularly if the rumours are correct and Hameed is moved into the England set up.

Joshua Beattie

We never really replaced Steven Moore or Paul Horton similar to hogg and chapple. This is what I am saying mainly. Where losing top quality and replacing with Wayne white. Kabir Ali Nathan buck

John Marsh

To me the biggest loss has been Davies. Quality keeper and good batsman.

Andrew G

Yeah some interesting points, Ashley's contacts book perhaps ain't as good as some of the more well travelled coaches. I felt Yorkshire would do better in white ball cricket this year after seeing Gillespie coach in the big bash. Worth remembering that Croft wasn't the first choice as captain either. An area where I definitely think we need stability is the opening batters. Successful teams have a regular pair, I do feel we have a different pair in almost every game across every format!

Joshua Beattie

Yorkshire get players because of Gillespie. Head. Lehmann both because of his contacts. Would be nice to get Anderson but he's got another few years left yet. Buttler and hameed will both be England test players soon. Got to push these players like Yorkshire did. Willey Brooks. And a big point is a captain. We just do not have a leader.

Andrew G

Hopefully long term the hotel will be good. So difficult for counties to make money from cricket they have to look at non cricketing activities, let's hope once completed they will invest in the right players. I'm not sure how Yorkshire are getting the players they do as they are supposed to be in a financial mess! Borthwick is the one I heard we were interested in which I think would spell the end of Lilley. Agree that
Kerrigan has been disappointing, think they expected him to do better with the new toss rules and emphasis on four day pitches. On the bowling front I think Wood might be a good addition. I may be wrong but the hint from the forum was our overseas player will be Faulkner again next year. Be nice if Jimmy Anderson retired from international cricket and just played for us for a couple of years.

Joshua Beattie

I am not disagreeing with much of what you say and with Bailey Davies Livingstone mahmood hameed we have some great players. With Procter Smith Petersen we have good senior players but our bowling must improve. We have struggled since hogg and chapple. We have also struggled with spin kerrigan and lilley have not done enough. With Durham stoneman has signed for surrey and borthwick might follow. We seem to want to spend out money on England bids and hotels. Time to do what Yorkshire have done. Spend on good overseas and top young talent. Duckett Cobb Vince etc

Andrew G

I do agree that this season has been disappointing and I think it is unacceptable our performance across all formats since May! Do think there are questions over Giles agree with you there. To be fair he won promotion and the T20 last year and if we stay up this year it's an improvement on our last two division one campaigns. I would therefore give him the benefit of the doubt for one more season. Not sure in cricket how easy you can move players on whilst under contract. Brown certainly isn't good enough, his career stats are poor, but he has been dropped and I do think his days are numbered. Giles mentioned previously he would look at signing players, maybe he wanted to see what our present lot could do this season especially academy players and will now re-evaluate. Trying to be positive, should stay up, got away with it somewhat this summer, some young lads have been blooded and integrate them with a couple of quality additions. I hear some talk of players leaving Durham because of their financial difficulties might be an option.

Joshua Beattie

We where top only 6 weeks ago. Now where trying to avoid relegation. Players like Brown and croft have let us down yet again. The only issue we have had are injuries. Davies been out was tough then buttler. Top and bottom is the captain and giles have got it wrong many times this season especially on the overseas. That has cost us. Players are there to go get now like duckett and Vince and Cobb but we don't seem to want to pay the money. This county should be challenging for titles and where no where near. If we lose out next match it becomes very scary.

Andrew G

Absolutely, we keep going up and down. If Lancs stay up this year than that is an improvement on the last few years which I feel allows Giles the chance for one more year at least, and the young lads have had a year of experience under their belt. We are producing players through the academy it is right to give them a chance. Wagner was a blow leaving and I agree he should have been replaced, but I can see Giles argument about who is available to come in with the quality we require.

Joshua Beattie

I don't know what your comment about let's support the boys is about. I go home and away every year. I will give my opinion in this terrible season and I know I am not the onky one.I mentioned signing TOP players in division 2 not players in struggling teams like Leicester which Wayne white and Nathan Buck where. Yorkshire sign willey and Brooks. There is James Vince Ben duckett and others who we miss out on. As regards to overseas. It is easy when you have the right man in charge to attract them. It wasn't a surprise Wagner going has a top star and taking wickets now. Stop making excuses. As a county we need to be challenging for titles not going up and down.

Andrew G

I don't think it's always as easy to get an overseas player as people say. The problem is who is available? Many are signed up to other commitments or playing test cricket so the quality you want is not available. Rather not be a club that just signs someone for a handful of games. Guptill was a disappointment and Wagner getting called up was unexpected. The players we signed from division 2, Edwards and Buck haven't been great. Am sure our academy players long term are better prospects. The 2nd eleven is quite successful. We have been unlucky with injuries, and Giles has started to ship out some players not deemed good enough, Edwards, Reece, Griffith's, Brown has lost his place. I do agree that a good bowler is required and I would like an experience middle order batter who can stabilise the team. Giles said at the forum we have a top T20 player almost signed for next year. Lets support the boys.

Joshua Beattie

If we had bought an overseas to replace Wagner and bought young lads from division 2 like Yorkshire do we would be doing a lot better. Sick to death of giles and crofts excuses. Procter Petersen Livingstone and Bailey are only ones that have done well. Time to clear out croft Brown Clarke. Time for Kerrigan to step up also. Also time the club put the team first instead of concerts and England international's. Not getting a membership until I see this team being put first.

brian burns

Yes, a good insight on how the game plan was thought out but unfortunately the pitch didn't play its part. Also a fair comment on the young lads and their character. An injury update also provided and the aim to stay in the division, although not what we wanted, but realistic. However, the comment about Peterson having support throughout the order is a bit strange considering we lost 6 wickets for 41 runs. Still, fingers crossed for the run in.


Good article with plenty of background, thanks. Is the loss of Croft's fielding underestimated? Also thought this cricinfo article was an insightful read: http://www.espncricinfo.com... lots of Lancashire info thrown in from time to time.

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