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Giles reacts as Lancashire stay up

Giles reacts as Lancashire stay up

Head Coach and Cricket Director Ashley Giles has reacted after Lancashire confirmed their position in Division One of the Specsavers County Championship next year.

Lancashire were beaten by Warwickshire at Edgbaston, but with Durham beating Hampshire, the Red Rose finished seventh in the table with Nottinghamshire and Hampshire both relegated.

“It is very much of a case of got out of jail, but I’m sure this group will be better for this experience next year,” said Giles, whose side were beaten by 237 runs.

“We have to learn from this and be more disciplined.

“We knew it would be a struggle this season. We outperformed expectations up front, and suddenly everyone’s going ‘we’re going to win the Championship’.

“That’s why I started the season saying ‘we need to stay up’. I didn’t mean that negatively. It’s because of where we are.

“I knew that if we consolidated our position in Division One, we’d be better for it next year. And I stand by that.

“This is the probably the worst of our defeats in terms of statistics,” he said. “We’ve played in some tight games and ones which we can look back on and say ‘that could have gone either way’.

“But, overall, if you don’t win games of cricket, you’re going to be behind the eight-ball.

“I will say at the same time that we’ve been able to blood some really good youngsters and we’ve seen some really good performances.

“In this match we’ve got 10 homegrown players, which feels good. But losing doesn’t feel good. You have to find balance.

“Right now, this team lacks the experience and quality.

“But, at the start of next season, with the way Test cricket falls, we could have Jimmy Anderson, Haseeb, we could have Jos and an overseas player. Suddenly, the side looks very different.”


It's wonderful news to survive relegation. Far better to be in Division One and build on the squad avoiding any temptation, if we had been relegated that the squad is strong enough to get promoted back.

Barry Turner-Newall

You're right about an injection of something - someone needs to light a fire under players and staff.
And this go-slow batting does me 'ed in as they say around here on Murkeyside. Gerronwi'it!


The development of young players this season has been terrific. If we bring in players from outside they have to be the right ones.

People on this discussion board have highlighted Surrey as a model to follow. Well they took several years to get out of Div 2 while signing several 'top' overseas players like Graham Smith, Ricky Ponting, Duminy etc, and also signing players left right and centre as kolpaks and also from other counties. They often have fielded teams with six, seven, eight players from outside of the club, with little success. (they are only now starting to get players through from their academy). My point is that success is not guaranteed just because players are signed from outside.

I would far rather the club give opportunities to home grown players developed from the academy.

I am already looking forward to next season, and am hopeful of a big improvement because of the experience given to this set of talented youngsters over the last two seasons. There are also more talented youngsters to come through.


I agree with those who say 7th was good enough this season and a great achievement given the quality in the division. This makes some of the over reaction on here a little over the top and anyone who thinks Ashley Giles isn't a great coach is ridiculous. We are not that far away from improvement and certainly don't need a football mentality to transfers.

Chesney Hughes is avalilable from Derbyshire he would be a good batting addition. We would probably need one other if Peterson doesn't return. We also need to sign an overseas strike bowler of international pedigree for the entire season even if the role is split. We need to recognise there is a balance to be struck between bringing the youngsters through and being able to properly contend.

So not a great seaon for us this year but a truly great season of cricket and we're still in the top teir for next season... Which can't come soon enough for me.

brian burns

Can the moderator please come on and explain the reasons for a deletion or 20 of posts over the past 7 days please

John Walker

Does Giles seriously think that he is going to be able to call upon the services of Anderson for more than a few games? He will be wrapped in cotton wool by England until the end of his international career. Get on the phone and sign someone! Look at Surrey! Offer the 4 day captaincy to someone, Croft can remain as one-day skipper. He does not warrant a place as a Championship batsman. Look at his figures.

Steve Millward

Successful teams blend youth with experienced, class players. We have the former but lack the latter and so the balance is wrong. As the only side to gain fewer than 40 bonus points in both batting and bowling we are very lucky to stay up.

Barry Turner-Newall

How on earth can you step up a division and not replace Prince and Faulkner. They also knew Wagner was likely to play only half a season. And why were there no complaints to the ECB re Butter when we were left with a stand in keeper?
I'd also remind the coach that it was the captain who was all over the papers saying we were possible title contenders. And don't delete comments unless they are abusive - this isn't North Korea.

Geoff Radcliffe

I see my comment was deleted too - is that because there is a financial problem or is it because Giles doesn't know what he's doing? Probably the former.

John Walker

a return?

John Walker

I agree that there was plenty of fight this season from the team and there is no doubt that this crop are proud to play for the county. What I would question is the lack of reaction when we lost our keeper early on and that expecting Croft to skipper, keep and be one of our senior batsmen was placing him under too much pressure. Other counties strengthened their sides late on, when a bit of quality is crucial for the run in, yet Lancs didn't replace Wagner. I think we need to recruit a couple of established players, Are the likes of Vince and Ball happy to play in Div 2, what about offering Mullaney

Dave Smith

I must admit to being appalled at some of the unrealistic, ultra negative and, in some cases, abusive messages floating round on social media about our players, coach and season. Division 1 is a big step up and we have no divine right to be beating other counties just because we are Lancashire. Yes, the first part of the season possibly gave us false optimism but went a long way to us retaining our status next season. To say that the players never showed any fight is ludicrous and makes me wonder whether I've been watching the same games.
I'm as aware as others as to where the squad needs strengthening but it doesn't happen overnight. Here's hoping we get what we want for 2017.

brian burns

Sorry its all five of my last posts. Again ,I ask why?!

brian burns

I doff my cap Frank-well said.

brian burns

As stated previously, ive had two deleted for...well nothing. Sums the club up. I'm awaiting the SS to knock at my door anytime soon and march me away to a firing wall.


Too true. Mine deleted as well ! A discussion forum where you can't discuss - ridiculous.

Andrew G

Great post Frank, think you are bang on with what you are saying.

Andrew G

Mine was deleted too! I actually said well done for staying up, there were some positives but our senior pros need replacing by better quality senior pros to supplement our young players.

David Barlow

Also, a note to the moderator. Deleting comments does not make the problem go away.

Frank Lennon

Had it not been for the exploits of Wagner (in the first match) and Jimmy Anderson early in the season, we would have been sunk without trace. In the championship we have been virtually in free fall since May. We are extremely lucky to have been given another shot at first division cricket. Without big changes we will probably be in the same position (if not worse) next September.

The club should consider the appointment of a lively, charismatic cricket manager. The club needs an injection of energy. Too much of our cricket this season has been just plain dull apart from the fielding. The scoring rate is too low, and the bowling has carried little threat at times. A new captain from outside the club should be appointed, preferably someone with international pedigree but who has retired from international cricket. A principal strike bowler should be engaged as I feel that the existing pace bowlers are not penetrative enough on a regular basis.

There have been a number of positives this season. In the batting, Habeeb has been most impressive. I hope that he learns to be more assertive as we don't want another Boycott on our hands. (Actually all the signs are that he will be taken off our hands by England, adding to our difficulties.) Liam Livingstone has looked very promising and seems to have the desire to dominate bowling. (Too often he has had to engage in 'fire-fighting' and thus not been able to play his natural game.) Davies looks to have a great future if he can stay fit. What a refreshingly positive attitude he exudes - one that needs to rub off on some of the other players. Procter has made strides but is very vulnerable early in his innings. In the bowling, Jarvis has tried hard throughout the season, and Bailey has shown promise at times. Although he has had his critics as captain, and his batting record has been rather modest, Steven Croft deserves great credit for leading by example. So far as I recall, he has played in every single match and, in addition to his other skills, has proved to be a useful wicket keeper. Steven's deserves a pat on the back for his great tenacity and commitment to the cause.

As other have stated, however, the negatives outweigh the positives this season. To have been saved from relegation on the very last day of the season is not good enough for Lancashire. A thorough review of the season, followed by positive action are absolutely essential before 2017.

Chris johnson

No arguments our performances over the last half of the season were not good enough. We need to regain the winning mentality and commitment shown in early season. Thank god the string finally broke on the yo yo. Great credit to Durham for their professionalism. A totally inept performance against Warwickshire and we got what we deserved: a really good hiding !

John Traynor

"We could have" those players? Butler played one championship match this season despite not playing any test matches. When Wagner joined New Zealand's team he was not replaced. Next season there could be less of Hameed and no Petersen.

Bob Green

So what happened last year was a fluke was it and nothing to do with Giles? We were always going to struggle and the injures have hampered us further. Our only objective this year was to break the cycle and stay up and we did that.

Dave Smith

I would echo the previous comments regarding Durham. Some really tense moments, particularly over the last 2 games but I'm one of the many who said before the season that 7th would be good enough so well done to players and staff for breaking the yo yo syndrome. Whilst it has been fantastic to watch the young players develop through the season, I hope the chairman, chief executive and committee realise that we need some experience too and not just in T20. To a large number of people, the County Championship is the most important form of cricket and we want to see a Lancashire team challenging at the top end of the competition.


Well done Durham for upholding the integrity of the competition. Well done Ashley Giles and the coaching staff - staying up in Div One was the requirement for the season. As I have stated before the experience given to this set of young players this season will

benefit them greatly in the future.

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