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Player Diary: Graham Onions

Player Diary: Graham Onions

Having nails done, building dens and a match at the Emirates Onions Cabbage Patch: It's been another busy week for Graham Onions

Glorious sunshine and perfect cricket weather in April! We should be playing against the students this week. Instead, I’m sitting in the garden with a coffee having my nails done by my daughter whilst playing Lego with my son.

You’ve guessed it; I’m missing cricket.

At this time of the year, I’ve normally packed my bags and travelled down to Manchester to my rented flat for the season. It’s never easy to say goodbye but it’s a lifestyle we’re all accustomed to. I’m very lucky to do what I do and we’re all fully aware this won’t last forever. So trying to take some positives about this strange situation, I get to spend some valuable time with my amazing wife Emma and my beautiful kids Oliver and Esmé.

I was told off this morning for suggesting school work because “it’s the Easter holidays Daddy!”. Trying to find the balance when it comes to school is hard because all they want to do is play games or build dens. Heading into Easter is a nice time to relax the school work and have fun in the garden or in the house, either hiding plastic eggs with chocolates inside or making chocolate nests, always a favourite.

The kids asked me the other day what coronavirus is, so I read them ‘Coronavirus: A book for children’ illustrated by Axel Scheffler. They don’t really understand because they are so young, which is probably for the best, but we keep telling them the importance of why they are having to stay at home and how they are helping other people by doing that.

As we have more free time, cooking has definitely become a fun part of the day for me. We get different recipes sent through from Sam Barrows, our nutritionist, which are all very simple but fun things to cook, ranging from banana bread through to protein pancakes.

At Lancashire we are very lucky to have an amazing group of backroom staff that are always around to help. From Tom Webster (Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach), Sam Byrne (Lead Physiotherapist), Sam Barrows, Lee Richardson (Sports Psychologist) and the cricket coaches, we get everything we need to help us. Even if it is just a FaceTime to chat.

As I mentioned at the top, this week is (or at least should have been) our match against Durham University, which is always fun and our traditional curtain-raiser to the season. I enjoy these games because we’re playing against talented cricketers that want to test themselves against professionals. For us it’s getting game overs in at 100% intensity, make no mistake we want to win the game to kick start our season. Instead, I was setting up a game of Lancashire vs Lancashire at the Emirates Onions Cabbage Patch. Isolation and a lack of cricket is starting to hit hard…

I’m still training hard, bike rides and runs, circuits and weights to keep my fitness levels up. I’ve even been trying to join in with my wife’s jungle body dance fitness sessions. It definitely hits muscles I’ve never used before, but too much twerking involved for my liking…

You train hard but all without the bowling; the one thing I love to do.


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