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Lancashire Cricket - Club Statement

Lancashire Cricket - Club Statement

Following on from a number of announcements made by the Club this week, specifically around the 2023 domestic schedule and then the publishing of our EDI framework, Lancashire Cricket would like to clarify and remind Members of the official communication processes which are recognised by the Club.

The Club would like to make it very clear that the Lancashire Action Group (LAG) is not a formally recognised supporter or representative group. Over a significant period of time, there have been a number of incidents involving some members of LAG that the Club consider to be inappropriate.

Regrettably, the nature of LAG’s communication and attempted engagement, whether with us as a Club or the cricket world in general, over recent times has been such that it is necessary to distance ourselves from LAG and any individuals associated with it.

Whilst all fans have the right to their own opinion, the incidents referred to have involved at times misogynistic and abusive behaviour by some members of LAG in-person, via correspondence and on their social media channels. As many supporters are aware, this has resulted in banning orders being issued to a couple of individuals. Whilst we are sure that many Members who engage with LAG mean well and have the best interests of cricket at heart, the way in which LAG conducts itself has left the Club with no option but to make public our position.

Lancashire Cricket is aware of the campaign that has been highlighted in the media over the last few days regarding County Championship cricket next year and the number of matches played during a season. We welcome the passion of Members on the issue and look forward to engaging on this important matter through the upcoming Members’ Forum.

Once the Club receives any formal proposals from the ECB to consider, we will also carry out a formal consultation with Members.

We urge Members, however, not to engage with any organisation that is openly abusive and instead to engage with the Club’s Members Representative Group (MRG) and/or the Cricket Supporters’ Association.

Again, the Club would like to emphasise that Lancashire Cricket’s official and formal representative group for our Members is the MRG, with more information and ways of contacting the Group available here - https://cricket.lancashirecricket.co.uk/memberships/members-representative-group/. The MRG is the best channel through which Members can provide feedback, views, criticism or ideas to the Club on any topic.

The Club is always open to feedback from its Members and is keen to ensure open and transparent communication with its loyal supporters moving forward. We know how passionate our Red Rose supporters are, and we understand and appreciate how important it is to listen to feedback from our Members and other key stakeholders on all issues concerning the Club.


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