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Player Diary: Laura Jackson on CWC and walk for Sarcoidosis

Player Diary: Laura Jackson on CWC and walk for Sarcoidosis

As a Thunder family, we’re all incredibly proud of Emma Lamb following her call-up to England’s squad for the World Cup in New Zealand, which starts in a couple of weeks.

She was one of the strongest players around last year, and to be honest we were all just waiting for the call-up to come. She definitely deserves it.

It’s lovely to play with Lamby - she gives you so much comfort and you can trust her.

You know that she’s going to put 100 percent in every single game.

And when you have someone scoring runs consistently like she did, it helps massively because it takes some of the pressure off the other girls.

In many ways, I’m actually quite jealous that she’s got this opportunity because this year is going to be so exciting with the World Cup followed by the Commonwealth Games.

But that can only be a good thing because it spurs you on and sparks a fire within you when you see her do well and progress like she has done.

People who don’t know cricket too well but know me, they always ask, ‘So, how far’s England off for you?’ And I just laugh and say, ‘Oh yeah, nice thought’.

But what’s happened with Lamby, plus the likes of Charlie Dean and Maia Bouchier, shows that if you just have a good summer then the world’s your oyster.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the Hundred has been so important in getting players noticed.

It’s a competition which helps get your name out there. It’s something different - a bit of fun, but it’s high profile.

However, the regional stuff is what really matters because that’s what you play all season. There are only eight teams, so doing well means you’re doing it consistently against the best players.

That is exactly what Lamby did. It almost felt like she performed well in every single game.

I’m really excited to see what England can do at the World Cup.

The Ashes was a bit of a disappointment, but the girls have acknowledged what happened and are not hiding behind it.

They are ready to bounce back, and we all know their best cricket is good enough to win competitions like this.

Thunder training has been going well over the last few weeks. I’m not so sure our media team will agree with me, though, given I nearly smashed one of their cameras practising my sweep shot. You may have seen the video they posted online. That was close!

We were actually on a de-load week with our training last week. It wasn’t quite a week off, but there was no cricket work and we could do our gym work and running away from Emirates Old Trafford.

It was the last bit of time off before the season gets into full swing over the next couple of months.

I live in a village called Halsall, between Ormskirk and Southport, and my running route is a countryside one. It can get can quite blustery with the wind whipping across the fields, but I get my headphones in and it can definitely freshen up the mind.

There is a difference between freshening up the mind, though, and then doing the famous Rivington Pike run which the lads do.

I have seen some of the the videos on social media over the years, and it looks like it absolutely kills them. That doesn’t really inspire me to give it a try if I’m honest!

Everything is sorted now for my charity walk up Coniston Old Man in the Lake District on Sunday, which is raising money for Sarcoidosis UK - a condition my mum has.

I’ve ordered all the t-shirts, which everyone has got, I know who’s coming and all that kind of stuff.

The only thing I’m nervous about is the weather. If it’s too windy, I’ll have to cancel it on safety grounds. Hopefully god got all the wind out of the way just in time late last week!

There is a definite number of 31 doing the walk, including family, friends, coaches and team-mates, and there are another five maybes depending upon where they are in the country. The support I have received has been absolutely incredible.

Laura’s JustGiving page

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