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Player Diary: Laura Jackson on pre-season in Duabi and CWC

Player Diary: Laura Jackson on pre-season in Duabi and CWC

It was very annoying that I had to postpone the charity walk up Coniston Old Man which I had planned for last Sunday, in aid of Sarcoidosis UK, the condition my mum is suffering from.

There was a yellow warning for snow, so I had to call it off until April 3.

It was touch and go, and I was left umming and arghing as to whether to go ahead. In many ways, I would rather all hell have broken loose weather wise. But it just wasn’t worth the risk. And safety had to come first.

At least we should be able to rely on the weather whilst in Dubai, where we have headed as a Thunder squad on pre-season this weekend!

I think we’re playing the UAE during the tour.

We’ve been trying to get outside over the last few weeks to to do a little bit of something, but it’s just not been possible.

So this will be a good opportunity to get our bodies ready for playing on grass, which is actually quite a hard transition to make - one that people may not think too much about.

There are only a couple of the girls who have been on tour before and only a handful of us who have played cricket abroad.

It will be a very new environment for most of us, but it’s so exciting that we have been given this opportunity to head abroad to prepare for the season.

I’ve played in Australia, but I’ve never toured anywhere else. So I’m the one who has been asking questions about laundry and things like that.

I plan to keep up to date with the World Cup whilst in Dubai, and I’m backing England to win it.

I just love how open and honest they’ve been about the Ashes. They haven’t hidden behind anything, and they’ve gone back and worked hard to correct what they needed to.

It promises to be a really exciting competition because I don’t feel there will be any one team who romps away with it. I expect there to be a few surprises here and there because each team has got something going for them.

We would love our three Thunder girls to be at the forefront of any England success.

Sophie Ecclestone just keeps on giving, doesn’t she.

She’s just so reliable, and has put in some amazing performances.

Kate Cross has always got a place in my heart. She’s come back from a lot, and I’m desperate to see her do well.

For Emma Lamb, hopefully she gets on the field and shows everyone what we know she can do.

Crossy is the player who obviously compares to me more than the other two, and I really do look up to her.

She is such an amazing person who just wants everyone to do their best. She’s always there to help, and she’s always messaging me saying, ‘If you need anything, my door’s always open’.

We are both opening bowlers, so she’s always helping me with tips and tricks because I’m still learning and finding my way. I’m just desperate to absorb everything I can.

She deserves this chance to play in, and hopefully win, a World Cup so much.

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