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LIVE BLOG: Lancashire v Warwickshire, Day Four

LIVE BLOG: Lancashire v Warwickshire, Day Four

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Lancashire 2nd inns 89-4 need 142 runs to win off 29 overs.
With rain continuing to fall steadily, the match has been abandoned as a draw.

Points: Lancashire 11 Warwickshire 12.

4.30pm, RAIN DELAY
Lancashire 2nd inns 89-4 need 142 runs to win off 29 overs.
Bruce 31* Hurst 15*
Just as this run chase was hotting up, rain has taken the players off the field. 

Lancashire 2nd inns 77-4 need 154 runs to win off 31 overs.
Bruce 28* Hurst 6*
Tom Bruce hits a 4, 6 sequence off the returning Jacob Bethell. Lancs still going for this! 

Lancashire 2nd inns 65-4 need 166 runs to win off 32 overs.
Bruce 17* Hurst 5*
Jacob Bethell was whisked straight out of the Warwickshire attack after his one over that included the wicket of Keaton Jennings. He's been replaced by off spinner Rob Yates at the Brian Statham End while Michael Rae with three wickets under his belt continues at the James Anderson End.
Tom Bruce has a brace of fours as 10 runs come from this over by Rae.

Lancashire 2nd inns 46-4 need 185 runs to win off 34.4 overs.
Bruce 3* Hurst 0*
George Bell cross bats a short ball from Michael Rae high to Hassan Ali at mid-off.

Lancashire 2nd inns 41-3 need 190 runs to win off 36 overs.
Bell 4* Bruce 0*
A third wicket falls as Josh Bohannon slogs Michael Rae high to Alex Davies at mid-on for 15.

Lancashire 2nd inns 38-2 need 193 runs to win off 37 overs.
Jennings 15* Bell 1*
Spin for the first time with left arm Jacob Bethell coming on to bowl. Josh Bohannon reverse sweeps him for four and the ball needs retrieving from under the stands. 
But Jennings attempt to reverse sweep ends in disaster as he is bowled for 18.

Lancashire 2nd inns 33-1 need 199 runs to win off 38 overs.
Jennings 14* Bohannon 15*
Keaton Jennings drives Rae straight and high for four to long-on. 

Lancashire 2nd inns 26-1 need 205 runs to win off 39 overs.
Jennings 8* Bohannon 14*
Keaton Jennings drives Rae for his first boundary and the bowler helps the run chase by bowling a no ball - 11 runs off the over.

Lancashire 2nd inns 15-1 need 216 runs to win off 40 overs.
Jennings 1* Bohannon 13*
After a maiden over from Hannon-Dalby, Josh Bohannon steers a six over the vacant third man boundary off Rae. 
We have a run chase on here!

Lancashire 2nd inns 5-1 need 226 runs to win off 42 overs
Jennings 0* Bohannon 4*
Warwickshire strike early as Luke Wells pulls a short ball from Michael Rae straight to Jake Lintott on the square leg boundary. 
Josh Bohannon is the new batter and he drives his first ball from Rae through the covers for four! 

Lancashire 2nd inns 1-0 need 230 runs to win off 43 overs
Wells 1* Jennings 0*
Just a single to Luke Wells off Olly Hannon-Dalby's opening over.


2.55pm, TEA Day 4
Play will restart at 3.15pm with 44 overs left to bowl.
And we have sunny, clear conditions at present.

2.15pm, RAIN DELAY
We have bright sunshine again and the umpires have made an inspection and will return for a further look at conditions at 2.55pm once the groundstaff have taken the covers off and got the Super Sopper to work on the outfield.

1.50pm, RAIN DELAY
Much heavier rain has arrived and the ground is fully covered once more. 

1.30pm, RAIN DELAY
Just as play was about to start it has begun to rain once more. The hover cover has been moved back onto the wicket so we will have yet a further delay.

Play will now start at 1.30pm with tea at 3.25pm and 67 overs to be bowled.

No play so far today but here is the current scene as we reach lunch.
We were due to start at 1.10pm but another shower since that decision was announced means we may need a further inspection before play can start.

12.00pm, RAIN DELAY
Another shower has out paid to the 12.15pm start.
Instead lunch will now be taken at 12.30pm with play starting at 1.10pm with 72 overs to be bowled.

The umpires have completed their inspection and it's good news! Play will start at 12.15 start, lunch is at the normal time of 1pm, tea 3.40pm with 76 overs remaining in the day.
Hats off to the groundstaff.  

No play before lunch at 12.30. Start at 1.10 weather permitting. 72 overs remain. Tea at 3.25

The last shower has moved on and bright sunshine currently bathes Emirates Old Trafford.
The umpires have been out for an inspection, and they will make a further inspection at 11.30am once the groundstaff, for the second time today, have completed their mopping up.

Sadly the hover cover is back in place and the sheets are being returned to the square as a heavy shower arrives. It could be one of those days. 

The covers have been removed and the umpires are having their first look at the conditions.

Once again it is not an encouraging scene at Emirates Old Trafford ahead of the fourth day of our Vitality County Championship match.

Heavy overnight rain and further downpours this morning have left lots of water around the ground and, more importantly, on the pitch so the groundstaff are mopping up once again.

But we had a terrible forecast yesterday and ended up playing 60 overs, so hopefully we will get some cricket in again today!

Warwickshire will resume their second innings on 96 for three, leading by 231 runs with Ed Barnard (40 not out) and Dan Mousley (18 not out) looking to add to their 62-run partnership once play starts.

Presently the covers are being taken off and we await an umpires inspection.


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