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Update on the Members' Representative Group from Chris Peacock

Update on the Members' Representative Group from Chris Peacock

Board Member Chris Peacock, who is responsible for member services and communications, has provided an update on the Members' Representative Group (MRG).


Dear Members,

I trust you are all well and eagerly anticipating warmer weather, a bit less rain, and the return of cricket as we progress through 2024. As we approach the start of the new season, I wanted to get in touch with you all with an update on the Members’ Representative Group (MRG) - as I promised in my last open letter to you.

I've been working closely with the MRG and have personally witnessed the dedicated efforts they put into representing members and maintaining continuous communication with club officials on your behalf. Following my election to the board, I engaged in discussions with them, and it became apparent that there were previous challenges in recruiting members to the MRG. Given its voluntary nature, I understand why many might be hesitant to commit their valuable time, especially without a clear understanding of the role.

Consequently, in collaboration with the MRG, I proposed that we modify the recruitment process for the upcoming year to be on the same basis as that used for 2023. Instead of having a brief application window, we should utilise the entire season to engage with members about the MRG and encourage them to consider involvement. This initiative last year was accompanied by informative emails, features in Spin Magazine, and videos across the Club’s digital channels to provide further details. This proactive engagement with members is something that I wholeheartedly support. As a result, over 20 members expressed their interest in joining.

At the season's end, we notified all members that the recruitment window had closed. One additional member came forward to express interest, and their application was included in the next steps to ensure that no member was excluded. A total of ten members applied, marking the highest number of applications in recent years. I extend my gratitude to everyone who participated, from initial discussions to submitting applications.

Of those that have applied, seven will be going forward to the next AGM (date to be confirmed in due course) for members to vote on who will join the MRG. Given the success of this process, we will repeat this for the current season. Once the season begins, the MRG and I will be available for members to engage with about standing for the MRG - and we will support any member who is interested. We will close this process at the end of the season and invite those who have expressed an interest to apply for the next year.

Along with the recruitment process, I have been working with the remaining MRG members about updating the MRG and its role supporting members. Currently comprising five members, we have jointly decided, to increase the number of positions to eight to better reflect the growing and diversifying membership. There will be five new members of the MRG elected at the AGM as Colin Gore and Chris Bent are standing down. I’d like to thank them both for their hard work during their time on the MRG and personally supporting me since I was elected to the board. More details of this will follow as we get closer to the AGM.

I strongly believe that anyone willing to volunteer their time to the Club and its members should be supported. As such, I recommended to the MRG that in the interim period between now and the next AGM, the offer be extended to the seven candidates to join the MRG on an interim basis so they can fully understand what the MRG does. I also believe that this opportunity to work alongside existing MRG members will better equip all candidates to communicate effectively with members about their candidacy at the AGM. All seven candidates have accepted this offer and will now collaborate with existing MRG members until the AGM, where members will decide who will be elected for a three-year term.

I will continue to work with - and support - the MRG throughout this year as they advocate for all members, hold the Club accountable, and address key issues raised by members. Whether it pertains to your matchday experience, expanding Lancashire Cricket’s membership, or the future of women's and county cricket, the MRG is dedicated to representing your concerns. I, therefore, encourage all members to engage with the MRG so that, together, we can ensure your voice is heard. Finally, starting this year, they have a new email address for members to use when reaching out to them: MRG@lancashirecricket.co.uk.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support, and I eagerly anticipate seeing you once the season commences.

Kind regards,
Chris Peacock (Board Member responsible for member services and communications)

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